Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer Vacation is Over?

I always feel like summer is over when I officially start baby sitting again (and obviously my lack of "techno" skills is back, notice the underline I have never figured out how to stop). Mandy reported to school yesterday and it is not even officially the middle of August! Someday, the school is going to want to take them from the womb, right into school, and keep them all year around. Just thought I'd post I post a few swimming pictures from Max's party. I just realized I do not have one picture of the birthday boy swimming - I think he was just a blur, running around the pool, having fun.

Ben is a true water dog. If you tell him you are putting him under water, he doesn't care for it much - but he loves it if he has gone off the slide and the diving board.

Ryder likes the water also, but he wants to be left alone to play on the steps - do not carry him around in the pool!Ruby stayed in the water the entire two hours we were there. All Annie and Josh need to do is put a large swimming pool in their backyard. Then when Miss Ruby gets fussy, just take her swimming! I think that could work.
Sam is demonstrating in ability to turn a front flip off the diving board. Pretty good job! FYI - this old woman also attempted this same stunt - didn't quite make is all the way around, but was able to prevent myself from drowning and was extremely thankful that I was the only one with a camera at this little event!
I don't know about his form, but Chad has still "got it" - this is the tail end of the gainer he just completed. (Remember a "gainer" is when you do a back flip, after you have jumped off the board facing the front - at least that's what they called them back in the day)
Cooper's little lips were turning blue and his fingers and toes looked like prunes - still we had to force him out of the pool at quitting time. He would never willingly stop swimming on his own.

Ben has a unique sliding style.

Ben really did enjoy going off the diving board - he just needed a little extra "push" from mom and the security of dad waiting in the water.

Poor Brock -he just had to sit and watch the fun from the sidelines with Pa. I think his mom thought her hands were too full with the other two, for some reason...


Leslie said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I really would have loved to seen your flip off the diving board. =o)

We have over a month of summer vacation still here in VA. The kids are beyond bored, though we are taking them to Water Country USA today, so that should get them out of their "funk".

Hilary said...

Great pics! Hard to believe it's school time again. It's alreay stareted here-last week!!

Sam said...

where was the swimming party? it looks like a lot of fun was had....love the family parties!!!