Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Programs...

I love them! Perhaps I just love the people who perform in them. :D I was fortunate to see several of said programs this year. I am also very upset because I seem to have lost the pictures from our church program. Max and Sam had lines and Emily sang a solo, but I have no pictures, agh! Some would say I have picture overload anyway, but I cherish those recorded moments. Oh well...
Max always appears less than enthusiastic to be performing so I had to post a picture where you can tell he is actually doing the motions to the song. Usually he is so subtle, that you can hardly see his mouth move, much less see any arm motions.

Emily seems to enjoy programs of any kind, she just doesn't really enjoy dressing up for them. Her mom bribed her to get her to wear a dress to her school program, she got to change right after.
Lily and Ella are singing a Christmas song at their church. Shy Lily is getting quite good at performing and Ella is just a natural, she loves it.
These two little guys were the cutest audience members at Westwood Early Childhood's Christmas program. I don't think Ben will ever have performance anxiety.

Sam takes performing very seriously (notice how his eyes are even closed during this sleeping motion). He sang every word, did every action, and completely refused to smile. When I asked him why he replied, "Mimi, we're supposed to be singing, not smiling!" Guess he followed directions.


Kara said...

You didn't include the story of Ben and Carter's dance across the front of the stage!

Your grandkids are just precious...love you guys!

and to answer your comment on my blog...it was early in the am and cory had bedhead!

Leslie said...

Your grandkids are just too funny. They provide you with some seriously cute posts on here.