Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Christmas Celebrations!

Like most families, we had several Christmas parties. The first of which took place the weekend before Christmas. The Woodward crew made the trip across the state to Owasso where my brother and his wife opened their home to the Rice Family Christmas. Everyone was able to attend and it was great for the family to get to be together.

Of course, there was a game on the television which did not go unwatched!

There can be no Christmas party without presents...and Ben must also be rubbing the top of his head. I'm afraid he may go bald, extremely prematurely!
Mom and Dad must have been good this year (of course they were), because they had their fair share of presents....

or maybe it just seemed that way because my dad spends more time opening one present than most people spend decorating their entire house for Christmas. I think it goes back to his childhood when he usually received one or two presents. He said he and his siblings re wrapped and unwrapped their gifts all day long and it was just as exciting the tenth time as the first. Now that is what I call getting enjoyment out of Christmas. Most kids these days wouldn't have time to do that much less want to. Simpler times... well, let me get back on the subject.

Of course, there were wall to wall kids - 14 age 7 and under. And our family likes it that way!

My great niece likes her babies and really likes the baby's bumbo chair. Lily doesn't need a bumbo chair when she has her dad.

I just had to post this picture. Brock looks so happy and he is actually sitting on my lap and not his mom's!!
I think these two are in the process of solving major world problems, but I could be wrong....
My parents got some of the great grands these cool wands. They make these metallic shapes float in the air. They were actually quite popular.

As you can see, Hunter and Hannah are enjoying practicing their "magic" skills.

The aforementioned great grands' mothers felt that these cool toys needed to be "tested" before the kids could actually participate in the fun.

And tested...
And tested...

until they were finally convinced to help their kids give the toy a try.
Can you tell someone got a dart gun for Christmas? Poor Heidi!

Okay, Okay - don't freak! No one shot Heidi with the dart. She was fussing so her dad stuck the dart on her forehead so the photo op. Look how happy she is here. She really is happy most of the time. Guess I will end this lengthy post for now - I still have one more Christmas one to post.


Leslie said...

Great pics, Becky! And the one of you and Brock is just the cutest!!

The Garvie Family said...

That's great that everyone made the trip and got to celebrate Christmas together!! I'm always amazed that you have such a large family but you always get everyone in the same place at the same time.

Sam said...

My kids are just now seeing the tv ads for those wands, and oh how they want them! Cute idea for a gift! Looks like ya'll had a great time!

Dawn said...

I could not stop laughing at that picture of Heidi! And your poor grandkids are never going to get to play with their toys because their parents take them over!