Thursday, March 18, 2010

Guess Who?

I have had every intention of being a better blogger, but obviously I have not followed through with action. I have been rather busy, but lets face it, I probably could find the time to blog but let it slide. I have not even been reading the blogs I love to follow and heaven knows that is one of my favorite past times! I thought today, we would have a test. Just to see how good you can match the captions to the pictures. The captions are we follows:

A."I get to play t-ball this summer and my dad is my coach. It will be fun because I am awesome!" (this is a direct quote, the boy doesn't lack confidence)

B. "We are at our first Boomer Basketball send off. We love it and not just because we got to leave school early!"

C. "Dancing lessons are the greatest!"

D. "Waaaaa! Something stinks back here!"

(Incidentally, the hands do not mean that the Boomers are #2 - they mean Seth Heckart, the favorite player is #22)
That wasn't too hard, now was it? :) By the way, Ben hates all smells, he can't even stand it when he goes to the bathroom himself...


Dawn said...

Those eyes of Ben's truly do tell how bad the smell is...:)

Leslie said...

HAHAHAAA! Love the last comment, what a cute little guy!

Kara said...

what is with ben and carter and smells...carter does that exact thing! while going to the bathroom he asks me what stinks, um you do bud...sorry :) maybe they are spending too much time together!

Hilary said...

Cute pictures. Ben is so funny!