Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ben's Birthday!

Our little "big" man turned 3 this past weekend. It was a rather rushed party, but you can't let a big milestone like turning 3 pass without some fanfare. The Cake Lady came through with another awesome cake! Ben loves the movie "How to Train Your Dragon." He had a dragon cake, which he ordered, and got several dragon gifts, dragon sheets, dragon books, dragon pajamas, I guess you get the picture. He was quite excited, and any of you who know Ben, know that he is not shy about being in the limelight!

The cake tasted just as good as it looked and had a few little finger holes where it had been sampled just to make sure it was delicious.
The Cheaps have their own, yes I said their own, Moon Bounce, and Miss Heidi found that she rather enjoyed it, too.

The pinata was a little stubborn, until the bat was handed to Max and he made fairly short work of it. You can see the kids (and maybe some adults) were quick to gather up the loot!

Ben absolutely refused any help in the gift opening department. Now that he is the ripe old age of 3, he is quite independent, until it suits him not to be...
As you can see, Ben, along with brother Sam, and buddies, Carter and Cole, thought the birthday celebration was a success!


Leslie said...

That last photo, you can see the light in his little eyes. What a great birthday he must have had!

Kara said...

So glad we could be there to celebrate! It was a fun time and love Ben!

Mandy said...

Thanks for letting us crash your house for the celebration! You know my house is never clean enough to have a last minute party!