Saturday, July 17, 2010

4th of July - Part 2

Hey, it is still July, so I can legally post about the 4th. Actually, this post is about July 6th. Bert and Sally had us out on the 6th for a cookout and another round of fireworks. There were quite a few in attendance, and we ate, visited, watched more fireworks, and had a great time.
Emily has a four wheeler and she gave quite a few rides around the place. Of course, she is the ripe old age of 8 and therefore quite capable of driving the young ones around but don't ask me where that pose came from....
I believe Ella decided she would be better off wearing protective headgear. She is one bright little girl. :)

There were so many sparklers, there was no waiting until dark...
and I think there was about a dozen boxes of them left over.
Firecrackers, beware!
Max had some firecrackers that were supposed to explode underwater and since that might traumatize the new fish in the pond, Lucy the mastiff volunteered her water dish.
Ruby loves sparklers! I should have sent a few boxes home with her.
Here is our little pyromaniac in action. Don't be alarmed, yes that is a propane tank, and yes we did make him move far away from said tank.
The younger ones loved the snappers, but they proved to be the most injury activity of the evening. Why you ask? Well, when one child thinks the best way to pop these little items is by stomping them to death and the another child frantically tries to grab up the unpopped little suckers to hurl them on the ground, lets just say tears were shed and leave it at that.

I thought Brock did so well and was really a good boy, but when he got a little fussy his mom just stuck him in the car (just feel the need to add that we were all outside right by the cars) and put a Mickey Mouse Club DVD in the player. Even I will admit, he loved it and was instantly the happiest kid at the gathering!


Dawn said...

Looks fun! About the previous post--we were wearing jackets out at my mom's when we were setting off fireworks!

Hilary said...

Looks like another fun time! Oh and I think you can legally post about any holiday up until the next holiday. That's the rule I go by anyway.

Mandy said...

How come you didn't mention that there was a fire started right under the propane tank and Chuck saved the day and stomped it out?