Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Swimming at the Wayfarer

I have three extra little munchkins this week. Annie's surgery recovery has been rough! So the kids and I came on back to Woodward to try and give her a break. Last night we thought we would take the kids to the water park for the evening. It is half price after 6 and they stay open until 9, what a bargain! Nothing went according to plan, of course. The water park was suspiciously empty around that time and when Mandy went to check it out, someone had defecated in the water! Who does that? I mean, it wasn't even in the kiddie pool! I think this happens fairly regularly, come on, people! Well, I digress, so I'll get to the point of this post. With several carloads of children an alternative plan had to be made and quick. It is times like this (and only times like this) that I wish we still had our pool. Since the pool at Boiling Springs closes at 6, it was decided that the pool at the Wayfarer Inn was the only option. This takes me back, when we first moved to Woodward there were people that bought season passes to the Wayfarer Inn Pool. Anyway, it worked out fine and everyone had a good time. Sally, the kids, and I even took part in a rousing, and lengthy, game of shark! And folks, I still got it! I ruled the pool, no matter what Sally says!

My grandchildren insist on wearing goggles, even though I try to discourage it. Someday, these "goggle" pictures may cause some embarrassment.
Heidi loves the water, but she needs to get a little bigger.
Sam has not figured out that it is impossible to duck someone quit a bit taller than yourself in only 2 feet of water. Notice that both swimmers are modeling fashionable goggles.

Another lovely, flattering goggle picture.

Gotta get those goggles just right.
Emily learned how to send a stream of water into your face using just her hands. It could be rather annoying if you happened to be a poor sport. Notice the goggles, again.
Sam is being attacked by a ferocious shark, but his eyes are protected. Shark Week made an impression.
Such a cute happy little mermaid! Bye for now!


Leslie said...

That IS the cutest little mermaid I've ever seen!

Dawn said...

Cute, cute, and cuter! Why did Annie Have surgery? Hope she's doing better. Maybe she faked you out to get you to bring those kids home!?!