Monday, October 18, 2010

Catching up!

I have been a terrible blogger lately, okay, worse than that, totally pathetic! It seems I always have something so important (to me) to do that I have not been on the computer much at all. But as I was doing my blog lurking, I still really like reading other peoples blogs, I decided to get with the program. I must confess that I have an ulterior motive. Our computer crashed this summer, with a disastrous BANG! Fried hard drive, lost all my information, and I was so depressed. FYI - there are places send your hard drive for retrieval, but lets just say that you could purchase several new computers for the price they charge for that service! I have not been very consistent with backing up my pictures so I lost a lot! I know, I know, I am now backing them up, twice! But I am getting off track, luckily, all of the pictures posted to facebook or my blog are still safe, so I am going to be a better blogger, if for the only reason that it will help keep my pictures safe. Having said that, I plan on posting several times this week, and the posts may be long and boring, but I WILL have a pictorial record of the family. I may even print these blogs, Katie did one for me and it was terrific! Okay, so the family took their annual Labor Day Camping trip to Canton, which is the subject of this post...

Greg's Uncle Edgar and Aunt Caroline joined us for this trip, and we were so excited. It had been years since we had seen them.

Ruby made the rounds, too bad she gets no attention. Here she is sitting on Grandma Vena's lap, playing with MY IPhone.

Now she is on Nanny Rice's lap...

For some reason Ben didn't think Pa Rice needed a nap, but it seems he can sleep through anything these days....

Brock could find mud in a seven year drought, of course, since this is right by the water spigot it wasn't too hard too find.

Pa's truck is absolutely filthy, so it is a good thing the girls were handy to wash it off!

Max found this lovely fish skeleton near the lake, he always seems to locate disgusting items everywhere he goes.
Don't know why, but throwing rocks into the lake is a favorite past time, luckily no injuries resulted in the said activity.
Ryder and his bike..
Apparently, this is Ben's bike, he just has to have a handy energy source to make it go.
Four of the grandchildren have September birthdays, so we celebrated during the weekend, Lily-7, Cooper-5, Max-8, and Heidi-1.
Three of the birthday kids, Heidi wasn't cooperating.
We do have a big number of munchkins running around the place.
The cake was enthusiastically enjoyed by Ella and Sam!
Heidi had a small cake all her own, which as you can readily see...
she really enjoyed!


Leslie said...

That picture of ben screaming really cracked me up.

BTW I hear you on the loss of what seems to be everything when your hard drive gets erased (in our case) or fried (in yours), and how much those geeks can chage. They've really got you when you show up there, don't they. It's a very expensive lesson we also learned this year. Now we have two external hard drives that get backed up onto often.

I really hope you get back into the swing of blogging, I enjoy reading yours very much. =o)

travelidea said...

love the pics of ur familey n freind varyy nice blog sorry cant type :)

Jinnifer richard said...

very nice and lovely baby

Betty said...

Loved your blog. Check out mine.

Betty said...

Loved your blog. Check out mine.

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