Friday, October 22, 2010

The Big Apple!

This fall, Greg and I got to visit New York City with some good friends. This is our third trip to the city and we got to see some things we never had before. Of course, you could go to NYC for years and still not see all the city has to offer. We had a great time.
For some reason, my husband loves to make purchases from the street vendors. Here he models a lovely cap, which was one of his bargains. He also purchased a "Rolex Sub Mariner" watch for about $20. Yes, he knew it was a knock off, but "looked cool." :)
Our hotel was right on Times Square, here Greg and Bruce are deciding what we need to see first. Talk about sensory overload, it can be overwhelming!

Elmo was roaming the streets giving people photo opportunities. I have some grandchildren who LOVE Elmo so I thought they would get a kick out of this picture. As we were posing for this picture Elmo whispers in my ear, in a foreign accent I might add: "One dollah fo pichur."

This was our second visit to Ground Zero. It will be amazing when it is finished, but we were there about a year and a half ago and there hasn't been a great deal of progress since then. We gathered that some of the native New Yorkers are frustrated by this since a skyscraper is thrown up in a year and it has been nine years since that terrible day in September.

My sweet husband was nice enough to take the train across the river to Hoboken, NJ to visit the home of the Cake Boss. Emily and I love to watch this show together. It wasn't too bad for Greg, because we got quite a few treats from the bakery! Emily and I also got matching shirts. Didn't get to see Buddy, but Chef Mauro was working out front and we got to visit a minute with Buddy's mom!

I had to post this picture, it was taken in a riverfront park in Hoboken. I thought it was some kind of modern art sculpture until I realized it is a toy. Yes, a playground toy. Quite unique, too.

Greg and Bruce, both being in the oil and gas industry found this sign quite hilarious. It says "Gas drilling in New York could contaminate the drinking water for millions of people." They said it just goes to show that New Yorkers know absolutely nothing about drilling for natural gas!

The other two time we have visited New York there have been street performers. Good way to make some extra money, I guess, but these guys had a different angle. For a small donation. you could pose for a picture with their pets. You can imagine my reaction, this picture is taken from over a block away with my zoom lens. I draw the line at snakes, in the country or the city!

We took a boat ride around Manhattan Island. While there we saw the Coast Guard, armed and ready for any suspicious looking activity. The guide said the UN was in session so security was pretty tight. Another thing New Yorkers aren't too fond of, the UN. He said all it does is make problems with traffic and closed roads and such.

The Soup Nazi (the one Seinfield based a character on) is back in business! Apparently he had to close up shop for awhile because his fame from the TV show made him so popular there was no way he could accommodate all of his customers.

This is a pet hospital and I swear it is as big as our local one. it offers all kinds of pet care, from check-ups to surgery to private in house rooms, even intensive care. The tour guide said the animals get as good or better service as some human hospitals give, all for a dear price of course. I loved my pets, but I don't know if I could justify going into debt for their health care.

This picture was taken from the top of The Rock (the Rockefeller Building). The Empire State Building is in the background. We have never made it to the top of that one, never wanted to fight the long lines.

We got to attend a Yankee's game. Before the game started there was a ceremony honoring George Steinbrenner. Many old Yankees were in attendance, such as Yogi Berra and Don Mattingly, it was very cool. Frank Sinatra Jr. sang the national anthem and he sounds a lot like his dad. And the Yankees beat Tampa Bay!

I must admit that the sight of Lady Liberty never fails to give me goose bumps. I thank God that I am lucky enough to be an American!


Kara said...

Love the pics, looks so fun! Glad you guys had a great time!

Ashley said...

Looks like a great time! New York is on my to do list :) Glad to have you back to blogging!

Samantha said...

Becky, I am LOVING all of these pics!! And so cool that you got to do all this fav is Carlo's Bakery. Wish I could go see that sometime! Love living through the awesome pics!!!

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Read Aloud Dad said...

Lovely report from NYC!

It's been a long time since I've been there (and I never saw Elmo in person).


Read Aloud Dad

Anonymous said...

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