Friday, January 14, 2011

For Lacy...

Okay, Lacy, you are right. I still love reading the blogs of others and my intention was to get back at it myself. Then I looked at my blog and saw that I had not posted since October! It couldn't have been that long, I am sure that blog goblins are playing tricks on me. Regardless, I am going to try posting a little more often, hey, it helps me remember what has been going on around here. Since it is still January, I feel completely justified in posting about our Christmas. I will try to limit the number of pictures and also limit myself to 2 (maybe 3) posts. Thought I would just do a quick recap of our family participation in Christmas programs. There were several featuring the children and I will grace you with those pictures. Our adult choir joined with other choirs in our community and presented a Christmas musical at Crystal Christmas this year. Wish I had pictures of this (not of me, huddling under a blanket in the choir) but of the living nativity (Mandy was a glorious angel) and looked quite angelic I might add. It was fun, very cold, and also meaningful to be a part of this production. Sally also joined me in the choir. So I will move on to the children's programs, not all of them, but a few highlights...

Ben's preschool put on their annual Christmas celebration in the evening so all of the proud family members could attend. Doesn't he look so angelic?

Of course, you cannot play the rhythm sticks without first putting them in your ears, probably helps tune them or something...
Of course, all stars get a little weary of all the attention, so you must just turn your back and ignore it (no he is not picking a wedgie).

Our children's choir at church performed "Baa Baa Bethlehem." It was one our kids put on in Yukon many years ago, but it was just a cute and the message is timeless. Max is the"silly shepherd who needs a shave," Emily is "Fussy the complaining sheep" (and may I add that she had her character nailed!) and Sam was a "student" in the choir. I couldn't have been a prouder Mimi!

I also got to travel to Owasso to see some other special little people do a special performance in December. You'd think I would feel a little sorry for Pa, since he has to work so much and couldn't go, and I did, a little. It certainly didn't keep me home. Lily is getting ready for her special line, she is such a perfectionist.
Ella also had a line, while cousin Cooper held a sign for her. Cooper is not nearly as enthusiastic about performing as Ella.

Thought I would leave you with the group picture taken after my tree was trimmed. It perfectly summed up the evening. There was joy, frustration, grumpiness, silliness, noncooperation, and just lots of great memories!!