Monday, March 30, 2009

Breckenridge has nothing on us!

Okay, they probably do, but we had a great time in the snow anyway. The kids literally played outside all day, I should have tried to stay up with them. I would have burned many calories. Max and Sam have sleds and were desperate to find a sliding hill, any hill. They found a little one, right down the front steps. Pa took pity on them and decided to build them a hill. He and Mandy shoveled for several hours building a decent hill. Then a friend called and offered to spade off our driveway (Thanks, Brent, that was awesome) and he piled the snow up in one big pile. They thought that was a really good sledder.

The first sad little hill, but they could slide right down.

Even though this one wasn't overly tall, it worked great and the kids enjoyed themselves. Mandy liked it too :)

Now we're talking. The hardest part was climbing to the top. Chad probably got tired hauling kids and sleds up there. So much of the snow has already melted, but I have a feeling this pile will be around for awhile.

Our tradition has been to make a "snow bunny" whenever there is enough snow to build with. Well, the grandsons are not as impressed with bunnies and they wanted something more manly. Max and Emily present Little Foot the dinosaur. He hasn't fared so well in the warm weather and now looks like a sad lump of snow.

Ben preferred a smaller slide, so we had to whip out this for him.
Mandy, usually the sun screen queen, forgot to coat her boys face. As you can see, they got a little sun this weekend. The picture really doesn't do the burn justice :(

You can't have a good snow without enjoying some delicious snow ice cream. As you can see, it has Emily's full approval.


Leslie said...

You guys really had a snowstorm! I'm over Winter now though, bring on Summer!

Annie said...

Way jealous of the fun slide in your yard. My kiddos would have loved to play with their cousins! It's too bad we don't live where Coop can play with Max and Sam, Lily poops out way before Coop and he begs her to play with him. Lovin the dinosaur- Great job!

Jillian said...

Wow! You really did get quite a bit of snow! I've never tried snow ice cream before but I bet my boys would love it! Love the dinosaur--what a great idea! I'm jealous...we didn't get any snow to play in, just rain and everyone is outside mowing their yards today!

Dawn said...

that looks fun! except for the shoveling part!