Monday, April 6, 2009

What Not to Wear!

This weekend, I conned the girls into coming home and participating in the entertainment for our church's annual "Spring Tea." I use the term "entertainment" loosely. We put on a skit that was a take off on the TV show "What Not to Wear." They were all good sports and took part, if not enthusiastically, in the show. I had to remind them of all the skits I watched when they were younger and required a reluctant audience. They needed to relive their glory days. :) It was a success and I owe them for helping me out...

Emcees, Clintina and Stacy Lou. Mandy and Sally just got to dress as their beautiful selves.

Mismatch twins, Molly and Polly, modeled their exercise wear. We wanted to have mismatch triplets but sweet Lily gets performance anxiety so she just observed.
Stained up Stella models her "baseball" hat, "sun" glasses, fourteen "Carrot" ring, beautiful suede shoes along with a rather stained ensemble.

Now Gaudy Gretta likes to stand out in a crowd. She wore enough bling to show up from outer space.

The premise of the skit was the God loves us no matter how we look on the outside. Once we have been washed by Christ's blood we are as white as snow. In case you were wondering, yes, I participated. I was Wrinkled Raisin Rosie, and I didn't even need a costume to play this part, so I spared you the picture. :) We closed with a poem written by my talented father. I leave you with it...

April and Magic

Scars of winter mark April's face,
Presto, they vanish without a trace.
Mystic showers quench nature's thirst,
And bring forth life in a tremendous burst,
Fragile blossoms just appear,
With hummingbirds hovering near.
Elusive quail, their whistles shrill,
Go darting up and down the hill.
Majestic hawks, in unison glide,
From the laws of physics seem to hide.
Oh! Dear Lord, our God and host,
Of these days let us make the most.
And learn to live such, that we may,
Love one another along the way.

Philiar G. Rice


Jillian said...

How wonderful! I bet the skit was a lot of fun!! I love the poem your father wrote...very beautiful and moving.

Leslie said...

Love the photos, though you should have included your outfit!!

Mandy said...

Yes, I can't believe you left yourself out of this post!

Janice said...

I heard it was great. Wish I could have been there. Maybe you could put the skit on again for Bunko or something.

Sam said...

cute the skit pics. and what a beautiful poem!

Jamie said...

can you post a copy of your skit it would be perfect for our ladies retreat!