Thursday, June 11, 2009

The last cruise post...

I promise. I just had to write a little bit about Victoria, Canada. This may be the most beautiful city I have ever visited. And it is the only city I have ever visited outside the borders of the good old United States. It has beautiful gardens and a wonderful climate. Our guide told us that they have a very temperate climate, mild in the summer and winter, with only about 2 inches of annual snowfall. They don't need air conditioning and no one has it. The day we visited the temperature was about 85 degrees and the people were walking around as if they were melting!

There are beautiful historical houses in Victoria, not necessarily large but very pretty. Apparently, if your house is on the historical list, you can do any kind of remodel inside that you desire but you have to keep the outside historically accurate. They are pricey also,with ths small ones starting at around $500,000.00.
Victoria has a world famous garden located just outside of town, but they have some inside the city that are just beautiful. Mandy is looking at the "Monster" tree inside one of these. They replant flowers four times a year and we visited the same day they were replanting.
We took our tour on a pedicab. This is a little like a rickshaw, that holds four people and is powered by a bicycle.
This brings me to the point of my story. We had made no plans in Victoria, thinking we would get on some type of tour when we exited the ship. Sure enough, there were several options waiting on the pier, vans, limos, buses, and yes, pedicabs. Immediately this young man approaches Greg, offering a "Tour of the City by Pedicab." Greg, smiling, intends to give him an easy out replying that he knew that our group would be a fairly heavy load (i.e. me and him) and we probably needed to find other transportation. The young man then insisted that it would be no problem, peddling us around town. He even went so far as to say, "I had four people your side (meaning Greg) just this morning and did fine." :D We were still dubious, but he was so insistent and being a college student probably needed the money, so we agreed. (Later Chad told us he heard a conversation between our guide and another. Our young man apparently thought maybe he was taking a fare from another guide so he offered our group to him. The stunned guide said, "No thanks, I don't have the legs for that!" What can I say? Gotta love honesty!) So we climbed in and off we went - sometimes very slowly up hill and very quickly down hill - seeing beautiful Victoria up close and personal. Our guide worked hard, sweated a great deal, gave us some great information, and was a good sport about the entire thing. So kudos to Kevin! who insured that two overweight people didn't have to miss out on a great time!

The government building in Victoria is beautiful at night. This picture does not come close to doing it justice. Have a great weekend, everyone!


Leslie said...

Great photos! I'm one of those people that feels as if I am melting when it gets over 80*. That's the point at which we HAVE to have the A/C on.

I'm sad that you aren't going to post more photos. I think you should!!

The Garvie Family said...

Oh, I'm not ready for the cruise posts to be over. I've enjoyed hearing about your trip!!

Jillian said...

Oh, keep the pictures coming!! I'm enjoying them! I have a good friend that lives in Ketchikan and she shows some of the most amazing pictures....I would LOVE to visit Alaska! I'm afraid that we might not want to come home though afterwards! :-)